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The Company

FeedeliX Wireless Inc. is a California based company specializing in providing mobile text and instant messaging solutions for users of Latin as well as major Non-Latin scripts such as Hindi and Ethiopic based on a proprietary technology.

Our product offerings include our flagship product FeedelSMS, enFeedelSMS, and HindiSMS with official launch date of September 15, 2006.

The Technology
FeedeliX Wireless is the pioneer in a number of challenging mobile communication areas including the distinction of being the first and only Ethiopic script TXT messaging application developer. Our proprietary technologies in script editing and rendering applicable to many of the major world scripts are also considered unique. Our technology in the transmission side is an added asset that bolsters our IP positions.

The Founders
FeedeliX was founded by professionals who had a number of years experience in software development, Unicode standards, mark-up languages (XML) and computing in Non-Latin script environments.


Feedelix Vision
Our vision for FeedeliX involves providing enFeedelSMS for a wider consumer market, which includes speakers of English and most European languages using the Latin Script. With pioneering and proprietary transmission protocols that enable us to offer extremely competitive pricing - often a fraction of current prices - we feel that enFeedelSMS will be attractive to a very significant consumer market in the Americas and Europe. FeedelSMS targets the users of Ethiopic - a script with rich heritage and used by as many as 60-70 million people inside and outside Africa - with particular emphasis with the Diaspora community. Our vision anticipates that HindiSMS based on our proprietary rendering and transmission technology will open the huge Indian market that is entering a fast-paced growth phase.

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