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The current version of FeedeliX products (FeedelSMS for Ethiopic, enFeedelSMS for Latin script, and HindiSMS for Hindi script) were designed to work with the following requirements:

Cell phones with multi-media capability:
Almost all phones made in the last 2 years or so by the major manufacturers (Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Sanyo, Samsung, etc) have multi-media capability. The technical jargon is that they have to be MIDP 2.0 as opposed to the old MIDP 1.0 phones. Our market study had suggested that MIDP 2.0 are now increasingly very common. However, we are closely monitoring user interest in the older phone models in the different geographic areas where we market our products.
Data service:
Because our mobile software communicates with our web-based servers to store and forward messages, users need a data service package from their wireless carriers. The technical jargon here is that the phones as well as the wireless network need to be GPRS or EDGE enabled. The overwhelming majority of netowrks in the US, Europe, Asia and most parts of Africa are already GPRS enabled. What users need to do is to make sure that their accounts include data access privileges. We strongly advise that users sign-up for unlimited data access when using our products. Our marketing study indicate that the unlimited data services will save you a bundle. For example, Sprint charges $10-15/month, Cingular has data plans for $15.00/month whereas China Mobile has a service that costs the equivalent of $2.50 per month for unlimited data/Internet access. Major research reports in the wireless industry are predicting that these prices will further drop in the near future. Disclaimer: However, please consult your carrier as this information changes with time.

The following table gives a list of phones where our products have been tested successfully. We intend to update it regularly. If you don't see your phone model, it does not means that our software will not work with it.

Carrier System Handset Manufacture Phone Model
SPRINT CDMA Sanyo MM 7400, MM 8300, MM 9000
    Nokia 6680, 6681
    Treo 600, 650, 700
    SamSung D357, D307
    Sony-Ericsson Z520
    Blackberry 7200 Series
T-MOBILE GSM Nokia 6101
    Motorola V 360, PEBL
      V 551
VERIZON CDMA Sony Treo 700
      Treo 600, 650
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